Dr. Wilfred A. Bellamy

Dr. Wilfred A. Bellamy is a Teaching Fellow at Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Brooksville, Florida. Dr. Bellamy received his education at Westminster College in the University of London. In England, Wilfred had the priveldge of studying under the highly revered pastorate of Martyn Lloyd Jones. Dr. Bellamy holds the degree of M.A. from Michigan State University where he also completed his doctoral studies. His Ph.D dissertation was entitled, "Understanding the Corporate Culture: the Social Psychology of Organizations, a Methodology for Evaluation and Measures for their Analysis." Dr. Bellamy maintains his credentials of ordination with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. There, he has served as the Coordinator of the General Synod. He has previously served pastorates of churches in Michigan, Georgia, and the Carolinas. This servant of the Lord also began his career as a missionary to Nigeria where he served on the field for 14 years. He represented the Nigerian Evangelical Fellowship at the World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin as well as in Lausanne Switzerland. Dr. Bellamy and his wife, Nancy, have five children and ten grandchildren.


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