Beau Berman

Beau Berman was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and after being involved in ministries in Dallas and Memphis, he moved back to Tulsa after graduating with a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary to plant a new church. However, God had other plans, and Ricky and the session of Redeemer Presbyterian Church asked Beau to come on staff as a church planting apprentice, with the hopes of planting a daughter church in 2-3 years. Beau received his undergrad degree after starting at OU and graduating from Arkansas; he then received a M.A.C.E. from Dallas Seminary before returning 3 years later to obtain the Th.M. Beau is married to Shannon, and they have three children: Brodie, Sutton and Scout. Beau loves to umpire baseball games, get tortured at spin classes, get to know people in the community, watch documentaries, and cheer on the 48 car every Sunday afternoon.


Audio Series by Beau Berman

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